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Snake Catcher Moreton Bay

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If you are bitten by a snake, seek medical attention immediately.
Snake Bite First Aid and Snake Identification.


Eastern brown snakes fighting

Snake Relocation

As snakes move around they sometimes find themselves as an unwelcome visitor in our homes and yards. If you find a snake on your property please call a professional snake catcher. Attempting to handle a snake can endanger your life.
Your life is worth more than a call-out fee.

Please call Bill on 0455 892 888

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Possum Relocation

It's a shame we have lost so many trees and habitat for our possums. However, they have adapted well and love our roof spaces, but can cause a fair amount of damage and disruption. Relocation according to government regulation is only 25m from point of capture.

Contact us to see how we can assist you in having a good night sleep.

Please call Bill on 0455 892 888

Mountain possum

 Brush turkey

Bird Relocation

Once again, due to habitat loss these animals have adapted to suburban life. Due to their adaptable way of living Brush Turkeys can be quite destructive in our suburban landscapes. They can wreak a lot of havoc.
Please call a professional wildlife handler to relocate these animals.

Please call Bill on 0455 892 888


 Bat Management

Once the micro-bats are identified and all entry points are found, the removal method can commence. All holes accept the main entry holes need to be closed to prevent
re-entry then, using specific equipment the micro-bats can be removed and the remaining
entry points closed to prevent them returning.
The whole removal process can take 3 - 5 days.

Please call Bill on 0455 892 888

Micro-bat 2


Clearing 3

Spotter Catcher

It is the objective of a spotter catcher to humanely capture and relocate wildlife found on construction sites to a safe location; that provides all the current needs of the habitat that they are being removed from.
They are also the first on the scene for any injured wildlife and provide first aid until they can get the animal to a veterinarian. Although surveys are carried out before construction begins; wildlife are constantly on the move and an area that was bare of wildlife today could have substantial wildlife tomorrow.

Please call Bill on 0455 892 888


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Our passion shows in the work that we do.  We always strive to make sure our animals are relocated safely and professionally, and to ensure the safety of our clients and their pets. And with this in mind, may everyone have a wonderful day.

You must be licensed with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) to catch and remove native wildlife.

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